Friends at a brewery near our Miamisburg apartments.

Discover Local Brew Pubs Near You

Thinking of a fun outing with your buddies?

For those in the Miamisburg vicinity, count yourselves fortunate as you’re surrounded by four outstanding local brew pubs. Making decisions has never been easier – the hard part is choosing whether to book an Uber or a Lyft to embark on your brewery tour.

A stop at a brew pub serves as the ultimate unwind strategy after a rigorous day’s work, be it at the office, construction site, or within the classroom walls. It’s equally a fantastic choice for an enjoyable evening spent with your loved ones, especially when you’re in the mood for some distinctly flavorful, locally crafted beer.

The following 4 breweries are must-visits: Lock 27, Crooked Handle, Heavier Than Air, and Eudora.

Lock 27 Centerville Brewpub and Brewery

Just 10 minutes away from our Miamisburg apartments, positioned at 1035 South Main Street, Lock 27 Centerville Brewpub stands out as uniquely exceptional. This local favorite excels with an assortment of refreshing proprietary brews like IPA, American Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, American Brown Ale, and Golden Ale. Their culinary expertise isn’t to be underestimated either, with a menu rich in world-inspired flavors perfectly paired with their craft beers.

On offer at Lock 27 are delightful appetizers ranging from smoke-kissed wings, superior Belgian-style frites, to handcrafted soft pretzel twists from Cincinnati’s own Brezel’s Pretzels, amongst others.

Their entrees and decadent desserts, like the must-try Adult Root Beer Float, are conversation starters, and their weekend brunch is a treat not to be missed.

Crooked Handle

Nine minutes from our doors in Miamisburg, Crooked Handle stands at 760 N. Main Street and presents itself as a hub of entertainment comprising a brewery, dining options, shops, and special events. The expansive brew selection caters to varied palates with offerings from IPAs to wines and a full bar stocked with premium spirits.

Crooked Handle encourages a gastronomical free-for-all, inviting patrons to either order in from a range of excellent local eateries or BYO food, promising a laid-back atmosphere with no dining restrictions.

Heavier Than Air Brewing Co.

A 10-minute journey from our community situates you at Heavier Than Air Brewing Co., located at 497 Miamisburg Centerville Rd. This aviation-themed brewpub prides itself on innovative craft beers and a lively ambiance perfect for game day gatherings.

Heavier Than Air capitalizes on aviation history to theme its unique brews, paying homage to pioneering aviators and their feats, enriching the craft beer experience with a sense of adventure and achievement.

Eudora Brewing Company

Eudora Brewing Company, a mere 14 minutes away at 3022 Wilmington Pike, enriches the local brewery scene with an exquisite selection of beers. The brewery also introduces an interactive brewing experience, inviting guests to learn and craft their own beer under expert guidance during weekend sessions.

Eudora dedicates a portion of sales to “charity: water”, aligning enjoyment with a cause, emphasizing the brewery’s commitment to making a positive impact globally.

Given the proximity to these fantastic breweries, Hunters Chase Apartments emerges as an enviable living choice for those who appreciate fine brews and the vibrant local culture of Miamisburg, Ohio.

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