Fitness spots around Miamisburg.

Explore Health and Wellness Locations Near Our Miamisburg Apartments

Embracing a lifestyle focused on health and wellness is increasingly becoming an important part of many people’s lives. Given the wealth of knowledge available on improving our mental and physical health, it’s no wonder many seek to prioritize these aspects.

Living at our Miamisburg, OH apartments not only means you have access to health-enhancing amenities such as a swimming pool and fitness center right on your doorstep, but also a variety of local businesses dedicated to supporting your wellness journey. Here’s a look at some of the health and fitness havens a stone’s throw away from Hunters Chase.

American Health & Fitness

Transform your wellness with American Health & Fitness. This fitness center is dedicated to helping you meet your fitness objectives through a variety of classes, personalized training sessions, youth programs, and more. Check out their comprehensive range of equipment and classes, and consider signing up for a free trial via their website.

Ascending Touch Massage

A short drive or bike ride away, Ascending Touch Massage offers the perfect relaxation and recovery services like Swedish massage, Reiki, and reflexology. Join their Massage Wellness Program for a special offer. Discover all the beneficial services on their website.

Big Axe Spice

Spice up your meals without sacrificing your health with Big Axe Spice. Their selection of spices are free from salt, sugar, gluten, and preservatives, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a healthier seasoning option. Explore their flavor offerings on their website.

The Enchanted Candle Apothecary

Enhance your wellness routine with the unique offerings from The Enchanted Candle Apothecary, located just a short journey from our apartments. From bespoke tea blends to guided meditation sessions, they have everything you need for a holistic approach to health. Shop and book services through their website.

Enlightened Fitness

Attain balance and wellness with Enlightened Fitness’s diverse offerings including yoga, meditation, Reiki, and wellness coaching. Tailor a wellness plan to suit your pace and goals, and explore their services online.

Vicki Jo Dance Studio

Dance your way to fitness at Vicki Jo Dance Studio, a renowned institution offering classes in various dance styles for all ages. Discover more on their website.

Workout Anytime

Keep fit any hour at Workout Anytime, offering round-the-clock access to fitness equipment and personalized coaching services. Learn more and get started by visiting their website.

Frutta Bowls

Refuel with nutritious and tasty options from Frutta Bowls post-workout. Their menu features a variety of healthful bowls and smoothies. Place your order online and peek at their tempting menu on their website.

Health Foods Unlimited

For those looking to stock their pantries with healthy options, Health Foods Unlimited is the go-to resource near our apartments. With an extensive range of organic and wellness products, it’s a cornerstone of the community. Visit their website for more details.


With Hunters Chase as your home, embracing a healthful lifestyle is effortless and convenient. Explore our beautiful living spaces today.

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