Local parks near our Miamisburg apartments.

Explore the Splendor of Nature at Cox Arboretum MetroPark

Are you aware of the hidden gem of health and nature nestled in Miamisburg?

A mere stone’s throw from our apartments in Miamisburg, the Cox Arboretum awaits you. This jewel among the Five Rivers MetroParks is your gateway to an immersive nature experience.

Embrace the great outdoors, fill your lungs with pure air, and bask in the glow of the sun. Cox Arboretum invites you for a serene retreat into its natural haven, offering benefits like stress relief, immune system boost, and blood pressure reduction. Spend a few hours on a Saturday, by yourself or with companions, in this serene environment to uplift your spirits, energize your body, and let your creativity soar.

For those keen on surrounding themselves with the panoramic beauty of nature, the 189-acre MetroPark is your dream destination. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can look forward to during your visit:

A Spectacular Panorama

Rediscover the joy of childhood or share it with your own kids by ascending the enchanting Observation Tree Tower. The climb of 81 steps leads you 65 feet above the arboretum for a breathtaking view. At the summit, take a moment to relax in the tree top terrace. Residents of our Miamisburg apartments may even spot their home from this vantage point!

The Butterfly House

Be mesmerized by Cox Arboretum’s showcase of native Ohio moths and vibrant butterflies. Visit the Butterfly House when these beauties are most active and learn about host plants you can cultivate to start your personal butterfly garden.

Bell Children’s Maze

Challenge yourself or watch others as they navigate the maze created from 1,175 boxwoods. It’s an inviting adventure for participants of all ages.

Expand Your Knowledge

At the entrance to the gardens, educational facilities offer a glimpse into a world of horticultural learning. Engage in any of the year-round programs or workshops for a deeper understanding of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Spend Quality Time with Your Furry Friend

Dogs are warmly welcome at Cox Arboretum. Meet Zipp, the resident goose control expert who’s also great at making guests feel welcome. Remember to keep your companions leashed as you explore the park’s attractions together.

Clear Your Mind with a Walk

The Loop Path, spanning half a mile, or the 2.5 miles of trails through diverse habitats, are perfect for mental clarity and physical health. Enjoy scenic views and the tranquility of nature along the way.

Savor the Edible Landscape

Discover the Arboretum’s edible garden where fruits, vegetables, and herbs grow. Learn about urban gardening to start your own culinary journey right on your apartment’s balcony or patio.

Embrace the Wilderness

The Woodland Wildflower Area and Conservation Corner are just examples of the park’s diverse ecosystems where you can witness the coexistence of native and select non-native species flourishing together.

Instill Environmental Advocacy in Children

Cox Arboretum is dedicated to cultivating a connection with nature in children, bolstering not only their health but fostering environmental values that last a lifetime.

Your Perfect Nature Getaway

From the Rock Garden to the Iris Garden, discover the vast array of gardens and their seasonal spectacles. The Arboretum’s diverse landscapes await your exploration.

If you’re considering making Miamisburg home, or are new to the area, our Hunters Chase Apartments offer luxurious living just minutes from the Cox Arboretum. With close proximity to entertainment and major highways, discover why Hunters Chase is the premier living choice in Miamisburg, Ohio.

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